Uncover The Beauty of Top Deck Systems

A lot of business people have wanted an easy way out to hold their trade shows and exhibitions without incurring much cost but by having an additional space that can accommodate quite a number of customers and also hold the products being exhibited.

Mallforms decided to bring something that will be of benefit to both parties and they came up with a portable top deck system that can be set up during the occasion and dismantled after using it. This structural system made from aluminum has been used for over 34 years globally. Museums, commercial interiors, trade shows, exhibits and store fixtures are the places where this kind of system has been put to use: http://www.mallforms.com/modular-wall-systems/

About top deck systems

Top deck systems is quite portable since it is made from a lightweight aluminum. Despite its lightweight, it can support a lot of weight and you do not have to worry about any accidents. Its lightweight not only makes it portable but also minimizes the cost of setting it up, packing it, shipping it, transporting it to shorter distances (drayage) and storage too.

It also saves a lot of time in the construction and dismantling. These systems are not also limited to working in certain environments. Its reduced costs is an added advantage to the marketers since it gives them the opportunity of having many shows and exhibitions and hence increasing their customer base which in turns increases their profits.


· Gives you a chance to display a lot of products without need for an extra floor.

· Riggers and forklifts are not needed during both the setting up and dismantling of the deck.

· Saves the marketer the cost that would have been incurred in either shipping or drayage.

· It is very flexible and hence can be changed in terms of sizes depending on how you want it and can be reused over time

· All the other alusett exhibit system comes with the top deck system.

· It provides customers with enough room to look into what is being shown.

· Visibility is gained on the floor of the show

Designers will have nothing to complain about. With this system you can customize it to any look that you want and paint it in any color you choose. This is a chance for marketers to make more profits by holding more shows and exhibitions as possible do not be left behind enjoy this new experience.